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[San Jose Mercury News] Journeymen keep travels underground Friday, July 24, 1998 Hip-hop twosome takes independent message worldwide BY TODD INOUE Special to the Mercury News LIVING OUTSIDE a music-industry center like Los Angeles or New York can have its advantages for musicians. They become less self-conscious, more experimental, more able to be creative without fear of interlopers tinkering with their formulas.

[REUTERS] Australia PM hangs political future on tax reform July 29, 1998 CANBERRA, July 29 Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Wednesday hung the future of his unpopular government on risky tax reform, saying if people did not like it they could vote against him at an election expected in October.

[AFP] Funds for Hanson blocked by court Tuesday July 28 1998 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE in Sydney A court yesterday froze electoral funds owed to the anti-immigration One Nation party as a new study showed migrants could help reduce the ranks of Australia's unemployed.

[STRAIGHTS TIMES] No need to become more Asian JUL 29 1998 School children protesting against the One Nation party and racism. Most Australians are not racist, but they do not see the need to change their way of life either.

[AFP] Hanson's policies not the way, says Albright JUL 29 1998 SYDNEY -- Australia must reject the isolationist policies of Ms Pauline Hanson's anti-Asia One Nation party, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warned on the eve of a two-day visit from tomorrow.

[INDEPENDENT] Robert Milliken's Sydney Diary - Of water bugs and taxi bubbles August 2 98 IN THEIR matching dark suits and patterned ties, they could have been a vaudevillian trio. But no, they were for real: Australia's last three Labor prime ministers were united last week in a rare public appearance in Sydney.

[CNN] Lawyers tap into anger over Sydney's water crisis August 1, 1998 Proud city of 13.7 million outraged by dangerous parasites in water system, agency's handling of the crisis
Tainted water scare envelopes Sydney July 31, 1998 SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) -- Panicked residents in Australia's largest city stocked up on bottled water Friday amid fears that a treatment plant was pumping parasite-polluted water into homes, businesses and hospitals.

[AP] Dead dogs, foxes apparently contaminated Sydney's water July 31, 1998

BBC News | Asia-Pacific | Don't drink the water in Sydney

New York Times Proud Sydney Is Aghast: Its Tap Water Is Unsafe August 2, 1998 By PHILIP SHENON SYDNEY, Australia, July 31 -- For the three million residents of a city that prides itself as perhaps the most livable on earth, the municipal government's warning this week came as a humbling shock

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