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[SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST] Attack on Hanson supporters only helps One Nation, says Howard Thursday August 6 1998 ROGER MAYNARD in Sydney Prime Minister John Howard has condemned clashes between Pauline Hanson supporters and critics at a rally in her home constituency of Ipswich in the state of Queensland.

[SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST] Howard standing on shaky ground Wednesday July 22 1998 ROGER MAYNARD in Sydney Prime Minister John Howard, facing a massive slump in support, moved yesterday to quell growing speculation about his leadership of the Liberal Party.

[CNN/REUTERS] Right-wing Australian politician confronts protesters In this story: Usually escorted by heavy security Howard discourages violent protests August 5, 1998 SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- In an unprecedented public confrontation, Australia's far right politician Pauline Hanson has faced her critics and declared, "You won't get rid of me" at an open-air meeting marred by violent scuffles.
VIDEO Hanson shouting down protesters

[SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST] Labor leader vows to increase immigration Tuesday August 4 1998 ROGER MAYNARD in Sydney The Labor Party promised a major shift in immigration policy yesterday if it wins power at the next election.

[REUTERS] Australian deputy PM steps down, re-elected August 4, 1998 CANBERRA - Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer stepped down as leader of his National Party on Wednesday in a bid to quell party disunity in the face of the rising political threat from far right MP Pauline Hanson.

[REUTERS] Australia's One Nation party leader Hanson faces down street protesters August 4 SYDNEY - In an unprecedented confrontation, Australia's anti-immigration leader Pauline Hanson faced down her critics Tuesday night and declared "You won't get rid of me" at an open-air meeting marred by violent scuffles.

[REUTERS] 'Empty Land' Australia debates population Monday 03, August 1998 By Michael Perry SYDNEY - "Populate or Perish" was once the rallying call for high immigration in Australia, but today many here are calling for a smaller population.

[Weekly Mail & Guardian] Facelift for `Breaker' Morant's grave July 03, 1998 Ed O'Loughlin The Pretoria grave of Anglo-Boer War soldier and poet Harry "Breaker" Morant has been taken under the care of the Australian government, 96 years after he was court-martialled and executed for alleged atrocities against Boer prisoners and civilians.

[Cape Argus] Racism rife in Australia, says official July 17 Foreign Service Melbourne Australia's most senior race discrimination official has said she has suffered frequent racial abuse, and recently had been refused service in a shop.

[Weekly Mail & Guardian] White man in blue July 31, 1998 Greig Coetzee's plays have shown alternative sides of the male psyche. Denise rack Louw probed him about his characters.

[IRISH TIMES] A sheep-stealer in the family Monday, August 3, 1998 Boosted by the Internet's genealogical websites, the Irish `roots holiday' industry is booming. Sarah Marriot meets some ancestor hunters Ernesto Ryan from South America is searching for his Irish roots, a guy in the Arctic wants to know more about a female ancestor who was transported to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread and a Russian who believes she is a reincarnated Murphy wants proof of her Irish forebears to help her in knitting Irish designs.

[] Study: 2 out 3 Australian Net Users Are Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks [SYDNEY--August 5, 1998] A study by Australian IT security firm Shake Communications revealed that around two out of three Australian Internet users are vulnerable to attack by hackers because of inadequate firewall protection from ISPs and ill-figured commodity products.

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