Homophobia: What are you scared of?

One big mob



Noel Tovey
Theatre Director Noel Tovey said: "Nobody should have to live with the fear of violence."
Justine Saunders
Actor Justine Saunders said: "Everyone should be able to live the way they choose."
The NSW Koori community got behind the Homophobia: What Are You Scared Of? campaign in a big way in 1997, launching a special-edition postcard series in October.  
Nathan Ramsey
ICAM television presenter Nathan Ramsey said: "I accept people for who they are, not what they are. I have some friends who are gay and some who are straight."
Ethan West
Designer Ethan West concluded the series on a more whimsical note, pictured with a friend by the caption: "My friend Jennifer doesn't care that I'm gay, and that's the way it should be for everyone."
Six well-known Indigenous Australians leant their faces to the campaign, which incorporated traditional designs with a strong anti-homophobia message. Each participant was invited to contribute a personal quote to the back of the card. Click a face and see the whole card!
Rhoda Roberts
Sydney Olympic Arts Festival Director Rhoda Roberts said: "We all have the right to be ourselves without fear of violence."
Leah Purcell
Singer Leah Purcell said: "You fellas wanna knock off, people are people and we're all one big mob."
Sometimes people don't speak up because they are scared of being labeled as lesbian or gay. We need to change that. Like everyone here . . . "Say no to homophobia".
Indigenous Australians will also be lending their support to the 1998 Homophobia: What Are You Scared Of? Campaign Week, May 11-17 1998. Contact the AVP on (02) 9360 6687  Developed by the Lesbian & Gay Anti-Violence Project (AVP) in conjunction with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and funded by the Crime Prevention Division.
 KooriVoice - SUMMER 1998 
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