Fight Racism
Defeat One Nation
Jenny Munro

To Shape a Better Future

Fight Racism and Defeat One Nation

on the basis of a 

Pro Social Programme

For a Modern Society

Heralding a New Era in the

Twenty First Century

Are you being involved in decisions affecting your lives?
Recent years have witnessed a sharp escalation of attacks on fundamental rights of a majority of Australian people, particularly by the Howard Government. The cutbacks and increasing privatisation of education and health, changes in industrial relations, promotion of racism, cutbacks in immigration, further erosion of land rights of Aboriginal peoples and denial of their right of self determination. People being denied involvement in making decisions governing their lives are all part of the escalation of the Anti-Social offensive of the Australian Government.

Society should serve the interest of human beings at the centre stage as a fundamental policy. The Broad Alliance stands for building maximum unity on the basis of a pro-Social program putting interests of the majority as the cornerstone of its aims. The Alliance calls for the defeat of "One Nation" and all forms of racism promoted by the Australian state and opposition to the Anti Social policies of the Australian government. Broad Alliance supports the right of self determination of Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal peoples Land Rights and for them to be involved in the collective governing of Australia. All communities should have equal rights on the basis of the protection and equality of their cultures and languages.

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Oppose Racism
Land Rights and Rights of self determination of Aboriginal peoples
Equality of all Languages and Cultures 
Non Discriminatory Program of Immigration and Refugee Status
Free Accessible Quality Education
Free Accessible Quality Health Care
Affordable Housing
Job Security
Welfare for all Those in Need
Equality for Women in all Spheres
Secure Future for Our Youth
No to GST
No to Jabiluka Mining
Abolition of the Work Place Relations Act
Respect for Sovereignty of Nations and Policy of Non-Interference
Protection of and creation of a Healthy Environment
Mechanisms for Empowerment of People in Making Decisions Affecting their Lives
Political Representatives to be Selected by Electoral Collectives to Carry out the Wishes of the Electorate
Mechanisms for Accountability and Recall
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Put Labor ahead of the Coalition
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