Our Mardi Gras float celebrates 20 years of queer activism with pride. Pride in ourselves as lesbian, gay, trany, bi. Pride in communities which support and recognise the critical nature of reconciliation. 
    We welcome participation from indigenous and non-indigenous people who are interested in inclusion, activism and piracy. 
    And if we can't dance to it ...  
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THIS SITE includes plenty of information you can use to advance Reconciliation.  
  • find out how to join the team putting the float together
  • teach yourself then your friends how to say "welcome" in an indigenous language
  • learn about the stolen generation
  • learn about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture
  • contribute your thoughts on black/white and gay/straight relations.
  • sign an online apology to the 'Stolen generation' from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identified communities
  • explore ...
  • contribute ..
YOUR energy is needed in the year of the 'race-based' election!
People overseas have been important to advancing the process of reconciliation in Australia and in changing the relationship of Australia with its indigenous people. 
You can help in this process and support the efforts of our group by communicating your concerns with the attitude of Australia towards its indigenous people. See the support page for more details on how you could do this. 
Thanks for your interest and support! Cheers! 
Reconciliation statement by Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Statement of Reconciliation to the Aboriginal community from Sydney Gay & Lesbian Community Organisations.
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