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Electronic Telegraph - Hanson admits historical gaffe Thursday 16 July Barbie Dutter PAULINE Hanson, leader of the anti-immigration One Nation party, staged an embarrassing climbdown yesterday over comments about aboriginal voting rights.

THE STAR Hanson admits error about voting rights Thursday, July 16, 1998 SYDNEY: Populist MP Pauline Hanson was forced yesterday to admit she was wrong in saying aborigines won the vote in a 1967 referendum which Australians would have opposed had they known the consequences.

Electronic Telegraph - White 'racism victim' loses refugee fight Thursday 16 July 1998 Barbie Dutter A SOUTH African woman who fled to Australia claiming that she and her daughters had suffered racism in their homeland lost her 12-month immigration battle yesterday.

Electronic Telegraph Some bush tucker, darling? Saturday 11 July 1998 Put away your tagine - the next big thing comes from the outback, says Sybil Kapoor FASHION moves fast in the food world. One minute everyone is raving about sun-dried tomatoes and polenta; the next its couscous and tagines, and you cannot be seen dead near a sun-dried tomato. Such fickleness creates a hunger for novelty.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Cops Probe Origin of Aussie Drawing Wednesday, July 15, 1998 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Police are investigating the origins of a massive drawing of what appears to be an Aboriginal hunter etched into a remote patch of desert in outback Australia.

REUTERS Aboriginal figure found carved in outback Wednesday July 15 SYDNEY (Reuters) - A massive figure of an Aboriginal man has been found carved into the desert in the remote Australian outback, but police on Wednesday said the discovery was no mystery.

Electronic Telegraph Thursday 16 July 1998 Naked Aborigine is Outback's big draw By Barbie Dutter in Sydney A GIANT outline of a naked Aborigine man, measuring two-and-a-half miles in length and so vast that it can be seen only from the air, has appeared in the South Australian desert.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Ploughed etching of Aborigine appears in Outback Thursday July 16 Desert mystery: the 4km-long outline of an Aboriginal hunter that has mysteriously appeared in the Australian Outback is seen in an aerial photograph. No one has claimed responsibility.

[THE STAR] Huge carving found in Australian desert Thursday, July 16, 1998 SYDNEY: Locals in a South Australian town were gripped by extra-terrestrial fever yesterday after a 4km etching of an aboriginal warrior was found ploughed into the desert crust.

[BBC] Aborigines angered by giant carving Friday, July 17, 1998 Seen from the air, the carving bears a resemblance to an Egyptian hieroglyph. Australia's aborigines have been angered by a mysterious carving, two-and-a-half miles long, which has appeared in the desert.

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST Australia arving angers elders Saturday July 18 1998 ROGER MAYNARD The mystery of Marree Man, the giant carving of an Aboriginal figure discovered in the Outback, may have done wonders for tourism but the same cannot be said for local sensibilities.

New York Times GALLIPOLI JOURNAL Inferno of 1915: Can the Dead Hear Talk of Peace? July 17, 1998 STEPHEN KINZER GALLIPOLI, Turkey -- Here at the place where half a million men fell during one of the fiercest battles of World War I, the Turkish government is planning to open a "peace park" dedicated to the memory of the dead and the ideal of reconciliation.

CNN Australian prime minister urges fight against Hanson July 15, 1998 CANBERRA, Australia (CNN) - Australian Prime Minister John Howard urged members of his coalition to use the upcoming winter recess to formulate a plan of attack against the right-wing populist Pauline Hanson.

CNN Wombat worries Odd-looking animal threatened in native Australia July 14, 1998 SNOWY MOUNTAINS, A new study has shown that one of Australia's best-loved native animals could soon be on the endangered species list. Wombats -- burrowing creatures that look like small bears and are related to kangaroos -- are disappearing at an alarming rate, according to researchers at the University of Melbourne.

CNN 15-foot Great White Shark dies in Australian nets PORT PIRIE, South Australia (CNN) -- A 15-foot (five meters) Great White Shark was killed Sunday when it became entangled in fishing nets off the coast of Australia

[SUNDAY TIMES] Outback militia awaits 'Asian horde' July 19 1998 Flying the flag: militia co-ordinator Ron Heppes ears Indonesia is plotting an invasion by Paul Ham, Sydney WITH a sweep of his hand, the militiaman gestured past a clump of gumtrees to the dry bush beyond. Surging across the outback from somewhere out there, he warned, the Indonesian invasion would come.

[BBC] Life on Mars in the Australian outback Sunday, July 19, 1998 "Can you take me, really, anywhere? Can you take me to Mars?" Simon Winchester, travelling in Australia, discovers that not everyone knows about the possibilities of cyberspace. Rupert is seven and he is Australian, and he lives with his parents and two sisters and Gidgee the lamb on one of those giant cattle stations in Queensland, 1,000 square miles of bone-dry bushland that supports 10,000 cattle and a like number of merino sheep.

[ABC NEWS] Bush Medicine’ Comes into Practice in Australian Outback Doctor Knows the Drill By Nathan Thomas L O N D O N, July 14 — It seems there’s a new high-tech “medical miracle” almost every day, but this one was a little different: just a good doctor and an old fashioned hand crank brace-and-bit drill. Hayden McGlinn, 23, plays Australian Rules football, a game that gives the term “contact sport” a new meaning.

[LA TIMES] Aboriginal Center to Open in Sydney Sunday, July 19, 1998 News, Tips & Bargains Australia on Monday will open a National Aboriginal Cultural Center in Sydney's Darling Harbor, presenting arts, crafts and dance by that nation's indigenous people.

[REUTERS] WIRE FEATURE Australia's Hanson focus of lost hopes July 18 HOXTON, South Australia, July 19 (Reuters) - On her posters she is draped in the Australian flag, but Pauline Hanson carries a greater weight on her shoulders -- the shattered dreams of her growing army of disenchanted Australians.

[San Jose Mercury News] LETTERS In charge in Queensland Thursday, July 16, 1998 PAT Buchanan's article about elections in Queensland, Australia (Opinion, Mercury Center, July 8) says Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party won 23 percent of the vote and ``now holds the balance of power in Queensland.'' He's right on the first part, dead wrong on the second. The Labor Party is back in power there as a result of the election.

[Associated Press] Australian legislator's car attacked in protest 07/12/98 PERTH, Australia (AP) - Protesters mobbed the car of a prominent right-wing legislator on Sunday, yelling ``racist scum'' at Pauline Hanson and slowing her vehicle to a crawl.

[FINANCIAL TIMES] MARKETING: Rivals in a game of chicken WEDNESDAY JULY 15 1998 A flair for talked-about, inexpensive publicity is helping a South African restaurant chain to grow, says Victor Mallet. The rise of the right-wing politician Pauline Hanson in Australia was quickly seized upon by Nando's as the ideal marketing opportunity.

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