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[SETTLE POST-INTELLIGENCE] July 23, 1998 Aboriginal heritage center to open in Sydney POST-INTELLIGENCER NEWS SERVICES Travelers interested in Australia's aboriginal heritage can view traditional dances at the new National Aboriginal Cultural Center, scheduled to open next month in the Darling Harbor section of Sydney.

[AFP] Listen to people or become one-term PM, Howard told National Party chief warns of need to slow pace of change 21 Jul 1998 SENIOR member of the ruling coalition warned Prime Minister John Howard yesterday that unless he starts listening to the people he is doomed to become Australia's first one-term premier since 1931.

[REUTERS] Costello won't challenge Howard's leadership 22 Jul 1998 BENDIGO, Australia AUSTRALIAN Treasurer Peter Costello yesterday said he had declined an invitation from party colleagues to challenge the leadership of Prime Minister John Howard. [REUTERS] Hanson tide forces govt to scale down Telstra sale 23 Jul 1998 Howard govt says it will sell only 16% if it wins the elections THE Australian government, battling a tide of voter defections to populist politician Pauline Hanson, yesterday climbed down from its plan to complete the privatisation of telecoms giant Telstra.

[CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR] 'One Nation' Divides Australia July 23, 1998 Kate Stohr, Special to The Christian Science Monitor (MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) As Nevil Ford made his way toward a political meeting at Melbourne's Hawthorne Town Hall Sunday, he was blocked by a wall of angry protesters.

[WALL STREET JOURNAL] 22 Jul 1998 .. new approach to the sale of Telstra won't fool opponents of full privatization. Labour and other minor parties, including Pauline Hanson's One Nation party, oppose any further sale of Telstra. "Who will believe that they're not for full privatization of...

[INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE] Australian Far-Right Party May Have Impact on Economy By Michael Richardson / International Herald Tribune JULY 22 MELBOURNE - Battered by changes they cannot control, including fears of being swamped by Asian migrants fleeing the region's economic crisis and Asian imports made irresistibly cheap by currency depreciation, Australians are turning to a far-right political party in such large numbers that it could upset the country's policy of further liberalizing its economy and moving closer to Asia, officials and analysts say.

[BBC] Australian children protest against Hanson Friday, July 24, 1998 World: Asia-Pacific A school boy yells anti-racism slogans during a rally in Sydney School children in several Australian cities have walked out of their lessons to take part in a series of protests against the right-wing politician Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party

[Reuters] Australian school students protest against Hanson July 24, 1998 Hundreds of students walked out of high schools around Australia on Friday and paraded through the streets in protest against rightist politician Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party.

[AFP] Australia to launch anti-racism campaign July 24, 1998 Australia is launching an anti-racism campaign aimed at uniting a community divided by the rise of Pauline Hanson's anti-Asia One Nation party, Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock said yesterday.

[IRISH TIMES] OPINION: Race Down Under Tuesday, July 7, 1998 Such racism is by no means an Australian phenomenon. In Europe, particularly in the former Eastern-bloc countries, neo-fascist skinheads have been responsible for viciously racist attacks. The lunatic fringe among the English and German football fans who have incited violence at the World Cup espouses primitive racist views. In this country, semiliterate tracts against immigration have begun to appear.

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