From - Thu Sep 10 20:43:37 1998
Subject: recent quotable quotes

"We are in with a chance because the Aboriginal people are so forgiving." Father Frank Brennan

"Yes, they can isolate us from all these things, and colonise us through those things, but they can't colonise us in our mind. We'll always think and their names won't be forgotten." Gladys Tybingoompa

For Mick Keogh [policy director, NSW Farmers Association] the big breakthrough is the imposition of "some sort of order"

"If I don't get him with my tongue, me, I'm a spiritual woman and I think hard against people who do us wrong." Gladys Tybingoompa

"That was a very sad thing, I feel very unhappy about that, I really do. Unfortunately she was just misled." Senator Harradine

"The Prime Minister leads a mean- spirited Government. He says the pendulum has moved too far in our favour. What a joke." Lois O'Donoghue

"We need Mussolini here today," says Frank Curulli, proprietor Bar Cirella, Manly. "He made the trains run on time," nods David Oldfield approvingly.

Retired schoolteacher Dorothy Bessant, 68, a grandmother and also an anti-Grand Prix protester, captured the mood. ""Why am I coming? Because I feel most strongly about that most beautiful place, Kakadu,'' she said.

"I say pull the walls down between the various ethnic groups and religious groups and white Australians and Aboriginal Australians and immigrants. Let all of Australia grow." Jesse Jackson

"All we have done is give, give, give, give, give, give, give. We've been taken from, kids taken away and all this sort of stuff, for 200 years. And when we need people to talk to us, they don't know how to talk to us, because it's hard to talk to somebody that you've taken from." Ernie Dingo

"I have asked her to put up or shut up" Gatjil Djekerra

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Queers for reconciliation
"A world that is accepting of sexual diversity and free from homophobia can only be achieved if we are are honest, up-front and take responsibility for our own future - if we demand to be treated with respect because we are who we are, and for no other reason." Rodney Croome