Queers for Reconciliation logoReconciliation statements
photo at Survival Day La Perouse Sydney 1997 by Amanda James
by Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
"We support and maintain respect for difference and equality for all groups who are faced with discrimination."
by the bisexual & transgender communities
"We believe that racism and the reconciliation processes are the business of every Australian."
by Sydney Gay & Lesbian Community Organisations
"We believe that non-indigenous Australians have a great deal to gain from Reconciliation by coming to terms with our collective past and valuing Aboriginal culture and history."
by Gay & Lesbian Welfare Association (Brisbane)
"We realise that everything we have, or have accomplished here, has been at your expense and through your dispossession."
by the Australian Council of Social Service (covers many HIV/AIDS agencies)
"We know that the impact of the past continues to resound today."
Mick Dodson's remarks at the launch of Black + White + Pink indigenous anti-homophobia campaign
"Reconciliation is about inclusion, acceptance, accommodation of all our differences."
Lesbians & Gays for Reconciliation (Melbourne)
"As Australians, we are all diminished by our Federal government's willingness to put aside the fundamental 
rights of Indigenous Australians in favour of a small group of powerful vested interests." 
sorry ribbonONLINE APOLOGY to the 'Stolen generations' from the lesbian, bi, trany, gay and queer identified communities

Black White and Pink: HARMONY - A Reconciliation Forum - 

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