National AIDS Bulletin n12 v3 1998

Young, Gay, Black, Green, Female A pollie for mainstream Australia 
Australian Election: 'Stolen' Aborigine stands (Agence France-Presse) Charmaine's Challenge
the giant goanna of peace Reconciliation statement by Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Reconciliation statement from the bisexual & transgender communities
Statement of Reconciliation to the Aboriginal community from Sydney Gay & Lesbian Community Organisations
What's in our float?
"[the goanna] represents an example of the processes that can be involved in reconciliation"
Reconciliation Statement by Gay & Lesbian Welfare Association (Brisbane)
It's the Black & White Mardi Gras
Coverage of the first organised Aboriginal presence in the parade
Mardi Gras 98 Festival events
Leaping lizards: the giant goanna of peace 
Bridging gaps ... the story of the seven-metre goanna created for Moree's reconciliation festival by Sydney lesbians and local youth
Talking Queer Stories of Reconciliation
Interviews with Queers for Reconciliation participants
Lesbians & Gays for Reconciliation (Melbourne)
"Indigenous Australians have been harassed, imprisoned and murdered because of prejudice. They have been subject to stereotyped and inaccurate portrayals of culture in the press, in books and films. They have been excluded from mainstream "Australian family values" given that the popular perception of the family is white, nuclear and heterosexual. 
There are links between the type of thinking that discriminates on the basis or race or sexuality - ignorance and bigotry affect us all."

Corroboree: social event for Gay Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander men.
Photos on line from the events. Here you can subscribe to the newsletter 'BlackOUT'.
Church split emerges over lesbian leader
Sydney Morning Herald story documents support from Sydney-based Aboriginal  women affirmed their support for an out Church leader Ms McRae-McMahon and other homosexual leaders and members of Australia’s third largest church.
"We have a deep love for our friend Dorothy McRae-McMahon - we honour her for her uncompromising
Which one of this mob is gay? / Ethan West + Design Nation
Which One of this mob is gay?
Image from the Anti-Violence Project's Campaign
Proposed Second National Indigenous Australian Gay Men and Transgender Peoples Conference Proposed for Brisbane QLD in April 1998
CONNECTIONS between the queer and indigenous communities in Canada: a conversation
U.S. Gay radio show 'This Way Out' interviews Aaron Ross from ATSIC on their collaboration with the lesbian & gay community in Sydney (requires RealPlayer), transcript also available, recording includes address by Mick Dodson to Black+White+Pink launch.

"All prejudices are not equal. But that doesn't mean there's no comparison between the predicaments of gays and blacks."  
By Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 
The New Yorker magazine

"Prejudices, of course, don't exist in the abstract; they all come with distinctive and distinguishing historical peculiarities. In short, they have content as well as form. Underplaying the differences blinds us to the signature traits of other forms of social hatred. Indeed, in judging other prejudices by the one you know best you may fail to recognize those other prejudices *as* prejudices."
Waking Up To Common Ground 

Kenya Briggs takes a look at conflict and opportunities for dialogue between the African-American and lesbian/gay/bisexual communities. 

From 'CrossRoads'

"The lesbian/gay/bisexual community has made a strategic error in assuming to call the African American community its ally without first laying the groundwork for proper coalition building. It has insulted many African American leaders by laying claim to a legacy that it (the lesbian/gay/bisexual movement in general) had very little to do with creating."

African American men's fear and misconceptions contribute to their homophobia

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Ph.D.

"For many African Americans, Black gay men became their bogeymen and they waged open warfare against them. Black gay men became the pariahs among pariahs, and wherever possible every attempt was made to drum them out of Black life."
National Black Gay & Lesbian Leadership Forum National Association of Black & White Men Together
O P T I O N S 
For Ian Kaihe and Greg Noda, Maori and pakeha men have different ways of  loving ...
"When Maori meet someone for the first time and when pakeha meet  someone, differences show. When I've taken my partner Erik to meet whanau the first thing they ask is, "where is he from?" And with pakeha it's, 'what does he do?'"
Nights in the Gardens of Spain 
Best selling novelist Witi Ihimaera has produced a work of startling invention, radically different from his earlier Maori novels and stories. Now he explores, with sensitivity, humour, anger and laughter, the dilemmas of the minority gay culture.
Homosexuality in Native American and other traditional cultures - a book list.
*Why the word 'Berdache' is colonialist ..
National Native American HIV Prevention Centre
Includes Two-Spirit Voices, Newsletter of the
NLDW for Gay,
Bisexual & Two-Spirit
Native American Men.
An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History
Chapter 17: Native American Societies
The *Berdache Spirit  
by Wendy Susan Parker
"A study of Indian berdache culture could teach us all a way to break out of the narrow-minded Western model of "deviance" and allow us to appreciate the beautiful diversity of the human population."
Historical accounts of *berdachism can be found throughout many Native and Latin cultures dating as far back as the Spanish conquests, and as such take on particular significance for many contemporary Latino men whose indigenous ancestors may have shared such practices, and whose descendants under Spanish and Christian influences systematically eradicated or erased such tabooed histories. Moondance
While watching the movie Little Big Man, I saw a character that intrigued me. The character's name was Little Horse, and he was called a "hee-man-eh."  In the Cheyenne tribe, which is the tribe that was featured in the movie, "hee-man-eh" is the word for what anthropologists often call a "berdache."
Same-Sex Marriages with *Berdaches 
Accounts by stunned Spanish explorers, missionaries, and bureaucrats provide early evidence of same-sex relationships and marriages in the Americas. Francisco Lopez de Gomara's History of the Indies (1552),
one of many examples, reported that "the men marry other men who are impotent or castrated and go around like women, perform their duties and are used as such and who cannot carry or use the bow."
Native American Homepage 
Another homepage
"Transgendered Native Americans are frequently referenced as nearby, non-European models of both transgenderism and homosexuality. Unfortunately a great many erroneous suppositions are circulating with regard to transgendered Native Americans, and recent explications by gay historians serve to obscure the more important elements of gender in order to make a gay political point." 
Native American *Berdache: A Symbol of Identification and Power for Native and Non-Native Gay Men?
by Andrea Maldonado
"[I]n the old days, during life on the plains, the people respected each other's vision. Berdaches had an integral place in the rigors and lifestyle of the tribe. The way they were viewed was not the same as the contemporary Indian gay lifestyle and consciousness that we have now - they were not fighting for a place in society and to be accepted by that society."
How koda! (Hello friend!)
The site of the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center has information about our programs, action alerts about issues of concern, and "Products with a Message."  Please support the work of this reservation-based organization and help spread the word about important issues facing Native Peoples!
Out In Black online zine for African-American men "in the life".  The American Boyz organization for f2m transgendered people and soffas is a multicultural transgendered organization. 
The web site includes resources lists for Asian-Pacific Islander transgenders, Latino/a transgenders, and Deaf transgenders. 
Resources lists for black transgenders and Native American transgenders are under way. 
However, we are having a hard time finding reliable contact information for queer Native American organizations. 
We would love to share with you any queer Native American  resources you've discovered. 
Resources for SGL/LGBT People of African Descent.
The Black Stripe represents the cooperative effort of Same Gender Loving (SGL) "Queers": Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and Transgendered people of African Descent. 
As gays and lesbians of African Descent, we claim and are claimed by two communities--the black community and the gay community. Neither community fully accepts, appreciates or understands us. 
Supports Q4R!
The Other Queer Page, 1330 links and growing of the best of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender resources available on the Web, ranging from coming out to getting involved in the fight for equal rights.
The average life of a web page on the Internet is around 40 days. The Other Queer Page is now entering its Third Year as a service to the LGBTQ community on the net. 


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