NativeWeb is a rich source of information and documents about indigenous peoples around the world. It includes a mailing list you can join.
CONNECTIONS between the queer and indigenous communities in Canada: a conversation South Africa's Truth & Reconciliation Commission is investigating the crimes of the Apartheid era.
    Anti Fascist Web  
    "fascism is an actual threat for the people.  
    Fascism is growing bigger, but the power is to you, the people of the world!  
    Only antifascist resistance by the people is able stop fascism, so start organising!"
Soc.culture.native and  


both concerned with native peoples around the world. 

S.I.S.I.S. Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty in Victoria, "B.C." "Canada" maintain the  SOVERNET-L a news-only listserv concerned with indigenous sovereigntist struggles around the world.  To subscribe, send  "subscribe sovernet-l" in the body of an email message
STOP THE HATE. Don't be the one to say "Oh someone else will take care of it".
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 "Racism is a learned affliction and anything that is learned can be unlearned"
    Jane Elliott
Bill's Aboriginal links  
Connections to organisations and resources around the world.

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition  
A women's group seeking a pluralist society with reconciliation through dialogue, accommodation, and inclusion.  

Anti-racism, anti-oppression  
List of articles and useful websites in these areas. This page also links back to the Queers for Reconciliation site.

Center For World Indigenous Studies' Fourth World Documentation Project (FWDP) World Wide Web site. This site is dedicated to the nations of the Fourth World and our elders. Our goal is to present the online community with the greatest possible access to Fourth World documents and resources. The Fourth World Documentation Project is an online library of texts which record and preserve our peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community. 
Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!  
1998 is the centennial of the illegal annexation of Hawaii. "Not a State in '98" H A W A I ` I Independent & Sovereign. This World Wide Web service is offered to provide information regarding the restoration of the independence of Hawai`i, along with cultural perspectives from her people.
No room for racism: Shasta County Citizens Against Racism. Community organising in Canada.
Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation - South Africa International Fellowship of reconciliation
Anti-Defamation League - New York The Levy-Grau Alliance for Reconciliation - Reconciliation between Germans and Jews  
Institute for First Amendment Studies  
Founded in 1984, IFAS is a non-profit educational and research organization focusing solely on the activities of the radical Religious Right. Our home page contains a wealth of information on the Religious Right. Whether your focus is on reproductive rights, gay rights, censorship, education, law, politics, religion, televangelists, church/state issues you'll find it on the IFAS home page.  
This page links to Queers for Reconciliation.
Indian Country Today  
Largest native American newspaper
The White Rose  
"Nothing is so unworthy of a civilized nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct." (1943 pampflet)  
The story of a group of young German students who dared to oppose Hitler.
Interracial VoiceE  
independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal serving the  
mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace
Women Leaders Online & Women Organizing for Change  
The first and largest women's advocacy group created on the Internet. Empowering women in politics, society, the economy, the media and cyberspace.
" ...the first Web site to try to capture the spirit and sensibility of black and Latino bohemia in New York. Launched at the beginning of [1996], Cafe Los Negroes has so far focused on capturing the work of contemporary black and Latino artists with visual exhibits in the Bed- Stuy Gallery section; QuickTime video of choreographers, dancers and poets performing; a fashion section on "Hood Couture" and a collection of columns, reviews, links, and diaries..."
"If you're not outraged ... you're not paying attention."   
Cafe Underground links to Q4R
CrossRoads Magazine is published by the Institute for Social and Economic Studies as part of its work to promote dialogue and building new alliances among progressives and leftists. 
CrossRoads now has a World Wide Web Page!  Please visit  the URL 
or, you can gopher to the '' and select  "Publications" and then "CrossRoads"
Every day, in countries throughout the world, the most basic human rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgendered people, and people with HIV and AIDS are brutally denied. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) was founded in 1990 to fill the gap between the international human rights movement and the gay rights movement, neither of which fully addressed human rights violations against sexual minorities. 
NetNoir: The Black Network Gravity is a journal of culture, art and politics with a distinctively African-American personality. Gravity is also an electronic forum, with web-based discussion of issues, politics, art, music and all the other aspects of our community. Our aim is to publish original content in an electronic form, to provide an open interactive forum for discussion of ideas, and to provide one more reason for African-Americans to take advantage of cyberspace."
Virtually Afrocentric
High-tech adventurer Sandra Hall is the Web Diva. Visit her site, for links to the Black universe online, with a sistah's flava.
ClubNubia Online
The Universal Black Pages 
"The main purpose of the UBP is to have a complete and comprehensive listing of African diaspora related Web pages at a central site. The UBP was created (and is developed) through the efforts of members of the Black Graduate Students Association at the Georgia Institute of Technology."
The Elder is an Internet Community of African descent created to share helpful information, experiences, and 
opinions. Circulation is via e-mail FREE of charge. We welcome all submissions based on content of interest to 
people of African descent.
New Zealand Maori network
Q4R has been
Chiapas Solidarity Page  
Information and action aimed at peacefully combating the current rise in right-wing paramilitary violence in Chiapas, Mexico. 
World-Wide online Campaign - Help halt the brutal violence against Indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico.  Click here to spend just two minutes in reading over - and automatically mailing - an electronic message to the three NAFTA governments - Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, as well as the European Union. 
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