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First Nation: Fourth World: Indigenous Rights

Very extensive page maintained by Jim Duffield, in Western Australia. Links galore and some excellent documents such as Nelson Mandela's speech to the joint sitting of the British Houses of Parliament (a landmark in the condemnation of racism and Australia's genocide against the First Nations of this land), the Yagan story, the story of the Pinjarra Massacre, and the Redfern Statement by (then) Prime Minister Paul Keating when launching the Year of Indigenous Peoples.

In spite of a vigorous programme of activitites for not only themselves but also of the education in Reconciliation of the local community, the Cusodians of the Bindjareb Massacre Site (COBMS) are in dire straits, they have been de-funded.  This in spite of the words of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Herron.
You can add your name to the list of people wishing to apologise to Aboriginal people for 'the stolen generation'. or (and) you can add you name to the online apology to the 'Stolen generation' from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identified communities.
Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation 
    "A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all."
The People's Movement for reconciliation: Reconciliation is a process which strives to improve relations between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community. Making reconciliation a reality:  
"Expressions of reconciliation can take many forms and are shaped and  inspired by people coming together. Reconciliation is for everyone."
Reconciliation in the Community:  
"Community anxiety is one of  the reasons that the reconciliation process has been so protracted,  and is still so confronting. Overcoming this reticence is one step towards finding an  accommodation between black and white Australia. And having the confidence to speak openly is an absolute necessity." 
from a speech by Kathy Bail to the Reconciliation Conference, May 1997
SOS... the National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council  (NAHHC) is calling for your support to save the Sydney site of the 1938 'Day of Mourning and Protest' Aboriginal Conference. Sign their ONLINE PETITION.  
The original event was organised by the Aborigines' Progress Association (APA), which was led by William Ferguson & Jack Patten - in response to the Australia Day celebrations marking 150 years of white settlement. Here's their manifesto 

 "The Old Australians" 

"You are the New Australians, but we are the Old Australians. We have in our arteries the blood of the Original Australians, who have lived in this land for many thousnads of years. You came here only recently, and you took our land away from us by force. You have almost exterminated our people, but there are enough of us remaining to expose the humbug of your claim, as White Australians, to be a civilised, progressive, kindly and humane nation. By your cruelty and callousness towards the Aborigines you stand condemned in the eyes of the civilised world" 
[Patten & Ferguson]

Free Fax. a site from which you can fax Australian politicians in Victoria, Sydney and the Northern Territory (this includes some federal politicians) over the internet. 

Here is a list of federal politicians e-mail addresses.

Visit our SUPPORT page,
full of things to do and
people to email
Australians For Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) is a coalition of community groups and concerned citizens that is seeking a just and equitable solution to the Wik case and is opposed to any plan that seeks to extinguish native title and further dispossess Australia's Indigenous people. In the spirit of the Reconciliation Convention's call for a People's Movement, the campaign is conducted in partnership with the National Indigenous Working Group, and seeks a negotiated solution to Wik and holds that native tittle rights should be respected as an essential element of reconciliation. 
National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title The Northern Land Council site carries up-to-date info on the struggle for Land Rights
which will be of interest

Soc.culture.native and alt.native both concerned with native peoples around the world. 

For more information on newsgroups and mailing lists check out the VICNET  Newsgroups and Mailing Lists Page
Australians for Native Title (WA) now has an email list.  
Subscribe by sending a request to saying in the text 'subscribe antar' then write Your Name
RecOzNet is an excellent mailing list.  

Subscribe by sending a message to with the subject: saying 'Subscribe' then in the text: 'subscribe recoznet-l'

The Older Women's Network (OWN) Aboriginal Study Circle began in 1994 using the Australians for Reconciliation Study Circle Kit and the Open Learning Programmes on ABC as guidelines for our activities.  
    • Our general aim is to study Aboriginal history, customs and culture with a view of spreading this knowledge amongst associates and friends, so a better understanding and appreciation of our indigenous people will be gained.
    • Our specific aim is to use this knowledge and understanding to cultivate a better relationship and friendship with older Aboriginal women, so we  can work together to add value to the lives of older women in Australian Society.
Kumarangk Colaition
(is Ngarrindjeri for Hindmarsh Island)
"The sharp increase in the numbers of Aboriginal deaths in custody indicates that the recommendations of the Royal Commission are not being properly implemented and continues to reflect the grossly disproportionate representation of indigenous peoples within the criminal justice system."
Fundamental changes to the Australian social landscape: causes and effects 
This resource takes a critical look of the conservative/right-wing Liberal/National government, which won the March 1996 Australian federal election.
represents a phenomenal groundswell of mainstream opinion in support of Native Title. As a national grassroots women’s movement it includes all political persuasions, ethnic groups, churches, business professions, arts, universities, the rural sector, political parties. It s linked with key national women’s organisations and is rapidly having an effect on public opinion.  
Since its launch in Sydney in July, which received national media coverage, there has been a mushrooming of Women for Wik groups in every capital city and many major regional centres.
Internet Resources for Australian Activists 
long list which includes Q4R!
Q4R has been
Deaths in Custody Watch Committee (WA) 
We are a broad-based community organisation reflecting both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal commitment to ensure the effective implementation of the 339 Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody (RCIADIC).  
The Recommendations, handed down in May 1991, continue to be largely ignored by governments. The words, spirit and intent of the Royal Commissioners was not only to stem the alarming custodial death rate of Aboriginal people, but also to reduce the high arrest and incarceration rates for Aboriginal peoples
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