Mick Dodson 

Mick Dodson 
Remarks by the former Human Rights & Equal Opportunity (HREOC) Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Social Justice Commissioner Mick Dodson to the launch of 'Which one of this mob is gay?' indigenous anti-homophobia campaign at the Eora Centre, Sydney in May 1997 

"Now, I've been asked by a few people what I oughta say this morning particularly about what I should wear (audience laughter) 

... uh, one of my workmates is gay -- he suggested that, you know, pink would be appropriate ... um, I don't have anything that's pink ...  

anyway, look, I chose to wear a blue shirt and uh, black, because I think, more than any two colors, they're the colors that symbolize violence  ... and violence isn't just about being black-and-blue.  

It can simply mean being Black. It can simply mean being blue. It can simply mean being poor. It can simply mean being marginalized. It can simply mean being ostracized. It can simply mean being different.  

Now, all of those things are quite contrary to what Reconciliation is about.  

Reconciliation isn't about marginalization and isolation.  

Reconciliation is about inclusion, acceptance, accommodation of all our differences ... because it's our difference that in the end will unite us. It's our difference in the end that will enrich us as a country, and it's our difference that will form the foundation of our true identity as Australians. " 



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    U.S. Gay radio show 'This Way Out' interviews Aaron Ross from ATSIC on their collaboration with the lesbian & gay community in Sydney (requires RealPlayer) 
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    recording includes address by Mick Dodson to Black+White+Pink launch 


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