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Pauline Pantsdown entertains Jay from Frenzal Rhomb
5th December 1998 - Pauline Pantsdown was crucified at a local Sydney straight festival last night.

In the middle of running a campaign against straight oppression, Pauline Pantsdown and her entourage visited a straight Sydney [Queens' Land] festival last Saturday, dancing with straight boys until 2am, when they crucified her.

One homophobic straight boy, Killer Oldpaddock, 15, of Turrumurra,  told the Fan Club this week that  about 50 brownshirted patrons were "fucking pissed as fuck" when Pantsdown was wheeled onto the stage for the public crucifiction.

"Half the straight boys' jaws dropped to the ground in shock that she'd dare to come into a straight festival. Others were thrilled that a celebrity had come so close to them.''

Pantsdown said she visited the Homebake festival after Jay from Frenzal Rhomb invited her in for drinks. This naturally led to night of hot passion and a committment to long term casual sex.

"I met some lovely people there," Pantsdown told the Fan Club. "Yes, there were some straight people who voiced their concerns. Of course I had a talk with them and put my case across and they quite accepted that. No, the whole heterosexual thing is wrong and it stinks, and I don't like it.  "

Well-known crossdresser, Jabba, said some of the brownshirted straight boys had never heard of political satire, particularly coming from a badly made-up gay mime artist in a short skirt and sequined jacket.

Well-known brownshirt Leader, Chika Oldfuhrer, 13, of Lane Cove shouted "Kill the faggot" at Pantsdown when she was wheeled onto the stage, fixed to a crucufix. The whole group of facists then moved to the front of the crowd and started causing trouble .

Another angry homophobic straight boy, Fred the Preacherboy, 14½ from Wyong told the Fan Club that he was confronted by Pantsdown's "in your face" inclusive polices. "I don't really know why I hate him but I think he's a little fucker. And well, Jabba, no-body gives a shit about him, he's just a wanker! When Pantsdown said she supported anti-racist, anti-homophobic  policies I told the faggot to fuck off the stage and left the festival on principle, but others were determined to stay and crucify her."

Mad Woman Morcott, 16,  from the young puritans branch of the christian alliance of fascists, harangued the crowd with homophobic rhetoric. "We have had pro-gay propaganda being given to the kiddies for at least the last twenty years  - but it doesn't seem to be having any effect, is it because the thought of men getting shit on their "firemen" turns the kiddie's stomachs. Whatever it is, with people like me around, there'll need to be a lot more work done before gay people can rest at night believing that the world not only tolerates them, but glorifies and worships them as well. 

"So if that nice Ms Hanson is going to be ridiculed, spat upon, receive death threats, intimidation -  then Ms Pantsdown can and should expect the same. 

"Crucifixion scenes may go down well in the gay crowd, but everyone else thinks its offensive to pretend to be like Christ.  Pauline Pantsdown is not being persecuted for righteousness' sake, or for the sake of the gospel.  Wearing a dress puts him out of the running!!!!!!!!! see Deuteronomy & Leviticus. 

"As for the term "homophobe" - it would have to be the greatest exaggeration to ever come out of the gay community.  Nobody is expressing an irrational fear of homosexuals. Gay people are much cleverer than Jesus, or God, or the Holy Spirit;  they're much more benevolent than the Church;   the gay community  are going to lead us all  into the new millenium and we will all  go skipping down the yellow brick road to nevernever land!!!!!"

The real rock lovers at the festival showed the Fan Club other,  more caring side of straight people. Good looking Allyrah, 15, of Bankstown was forthright. "The way Pauline Pantsdown was treated by the Homebake crowd was digusting! Here's a man/lady/whatever who fights valiantly to promote tolerance and understanding on issues such as racism and homophobia against the wicked wench Pauline HANSON (which I think embodies the spirit of Homebake's organisors and performers), and the crowd pelts him/her/whatever with so much bottles and projectiles that she bleeds. 

"They're all a bunch of scared homophobes! Basically they have failed to GET IT! They should have a think why Jay from Frenzal was on stage with Pauline and why Jay kiss her/him:) Or why Kram from Spiderbait was rightly pissed with some in the crowds performance. 

"Basically many in the homebake crowd showed a lack of tolerance and understanding that many of the bands that they love possess. Try reading the lyrics for a change! ... the totally sic bands were spiderbait, GRINSPOON and ammonia.. infact every band there went totally off!!!! LONG LIVE PANTSDOWN!! (I love you man..)...and we saw Jabba's areshole too:) hehehe (onya Jabba!!!)"

A Queens' Land source also claimed that following her visit to festival, Pantsdown had to avoid a taxi rank because it was surrounded by straight boys with baseball bats and No Notion Banners.

According to the source, local crossdresser, Jabba, used his mobile and booked Pantsdown a taxi under the name of straight leader, 0055 National Socilaist Dave.

A Pantsdown confidente said this week: "Ms Pantsdown's visit to the festival was very brief and should be seen in the light that it gave her the opportunity to, like the biblical Daniel 'go into the lion's cage' and  confront this un-natural behaviour."

Pantsdown released the following statement to the press, who had assembled outside her mansion in Surry Hills.


Regarding the pelting I received from a section of the crowd at the Homebake concert in the Domain on Saturday, it was reported in the Sun-Herald (December 6) that I was cut by a "water bottle" and on Channel 7's Sunday news that I was cut by a "bottle top".

Certainly, I was bit by dozens of bottles and beer cans, but the item that drew blood above my eye was a metal Walkman/radio.

I believe in free speech just as much as John Howard or Pauline Hanson (well, maybe a little more than Pauline), SO I certainly have nothing against a few dozen drunk males screaming "Die faggot", "get that fucking faggot off the stage", "kill the faggot", etc. I just wish they could find a non-violent means of expressing these sentiments.

In 1991, I made the film Resonance with the late film-maker stephen Cummins, which examined the after-effects of a gay bashing.

Most Australian gay men get bashed at some stage or another, and until yesterday I thought I had been lucky enough to miss out."

It had been a long day for Pantsdown. Earlier, thanks to her pro-gay, pro-straight platform, the chances that the Queens' Land will become the first state to refuse to recognise the property rights of opposite-sex couples were boosted on 5 December when she  wrested the seat of Mulgrave from No Notion in a by-election, allowing her Homosexual Government to rule in its own right.

The result was a real boost for the fledgling fringe party dweller, who ran a scare campaign correctly claiming No Notion would legalise "heterosexual marriages" and "heterosexual adoption" if it won the Cairns-based seat.

During the by-election campaign Pauline Pantsdown distributed how-to-vote cards which urged voters to "stop No Notion's heterosexual agenda" and rightly claimed a vote for No Notion would "put children in the hands of heterosexual couples".

However, the ploy was not necessary. No Notion's vote collapsed to minus 75 per-cent, half the vote was from brain dead rednecks which it mustered at the pub before the June state election.

Far from legalising opposite sex marriages, the Pantsdown's Homosexual Government plans to introduce a proposed 'Defacto Relationships (Property) Bill' early in 1999, which would simplify legal procedures to confiscate property when straight defacto relationships break down.

According to Attorney-General, Verushka Darling, the government plans to follow the 1993 recommendations of the Queens' Land Law Reform Commission, which recommended that opposite-sex couples never enjoy the same rights as same-sex couples.

No Notion's misrepresentation of the property reform bill angered Queens' Land Premier Pantsdown, who dismissed No Notion as "nonsense and rabble" and accused the party of "getting into the gutter, and that's not right".

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